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Having been on "both sides of the glass" for over 20 years, Ruby brings a distinctive set of skills to managing the recording process.

As a musician, she worked with just about every engineer in nearly every studio in New Orleans. She self-produced and released four albums and has performed on many others. 

From 2009 to 2017, Ruby was the studio manager for The Music Shed in New Orleans. In this role, she managed projects for a wide variety of local, national, and international clients: including musicians, engineers, managers, and producers. 

From this first-hand experience, she developed a unique approach to helping artists navigate the entire recording process, ensuring a great experience and a cost-effective, quality result.

With Ralph Johnson of Earth, Wind & Fire

In the studio

With Joe Krown

With Christopher Walken


"Nice nice nice! Ruby helped out putting the sessions together, good suggestions, everything was worked out prior to our arrival from Europe and ran smoothly. The tracking session was a dream"

Arne Skage

Producer - Flekkefjord, Norway

"Ruby made our projects run so smooth! First, she is a working musician and understands what musicians need and is experienced getting the most from a session. Furthermore, she is organized, professional and easy to work with. Pairing us with engineer Ben Lorio was her suggestion and it was pure genius! "

Johnny Mastro

Johnny Mastro & Mama's Boys - New Orleans, LA

“ Our blues band, based in Scotland UK, came out to New Orleans last year to record an album. Ruby was our prime studio contact and her knowledge, contacts, professionalism and "can do" attitude made it an easy and pleasurable process for us.

Being a very talented musician herself, she fully understood and anticipated our needs. With the band working to a tight timescale Ruby's input was invaluable in ensuring we met our deadlines and left NOLA with a great album. Her warm personality and a great sense of humour also meant that we have a friend who will be the first person we call for support for our next project.”

Roger Niven

Twisted Blues guitarist - Scotland, UK

I called studio after studio and was met with the same, cold, emotionless response. I was left feeling that music is merely a cold, profit-driven business.  While music is an industry, working with Ruby showed me that it is not as heartless as it seemed.


Upon calling Ruby I was met with enthusiasm and compassion. Despite my lack of money, she offered to meet with me. She took the time to get to know me, asking me about what it is I wanted to do with my music and what my music meant to me. She listened to me play every song and took the time to hear what I had to say about them.


I did not feel that I was merely a client. I did not feel that it was just about money, and at no point did I feel small or looked down upon for my lack of experience. Ruby took the time to listen because she truly loves music. This authenticity and genuine passion for creating are evident in working with her. I was inspired by learning what songwriting means to her, and through the advice she gave about how I could improve.


Ultimately, I was able to raise enough money for studio time. Working with Ruby, my dream became a reality. I was set up with an engineer who is incredibly knowledgeable (also super cool), and recording was one of the best experiences of my life.


Without Ruby’s kindness to listen and her encouragement to create, I probably would have never recorded anything. Ruby’s genuine passion for music, and desire to encourage creativity and art for everyone, no matter how big or small, is what we need more of in the music world today.


Throughout the process of getting my music up on Spotify, Ruby was always there to answer all of my questions, and in the end, I did not feel like I was simply a customer. Instead, I felt like an artist. Through working with Ruby, I formed relationships through a mutual love of music, that I would even dare to call friendship. I highly recommend working with Ruby!

Felix Rabito

Singer/Songwriter - New Orleans

“We had a great experience recording, a lot of that was the result of some practical planning done up front by Ruby. She was able to help us get the backline organized, set up and ready to go right on schedule. She also connected us with the right engineer to assist us on the project. The session proceeded smoothly and efficiently with a solid outcome.”

Kenneth Gowland

Musician - New Orleans, LA

"Ruby is great, everything from catering to the booking of musicians, techs and payments went super smooth and with a great help, positivity and a good vibe."

Joe Rusi

Songwriter/Guitarist - Flekkefjord, Norway

"Thank you for making our time in New Orleans such a great experience. You were awesome!"

Iian Clark

Twisted Blues, Uriah Heap - Iverness, Scottland

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